Hey folks! I know I made a similar post a few days ago, but some things have occurred in the meanwhile. It’s only June, but I wanted to mention that for the past two years >The Stitchy Button< has been booked for holiday orders as early as the first week of October!
If you are interested in having a gift custom made, please consider ordering it this summer. I want to fulfill as many people’s wishlists as possible :)

But also! I have decided to end a longterm relationship and move back to my motherland of Massachusetts, and any sales boost of holiday orders in the next month would really help ease that transition- both for me personally, and for The Stitchy Button as an indie business.

Ways to help support Stitchy! The Stitchy Button plush shop,RedBubble, Society6and Commission me for fanart!

Thank you so so so so so much tumblr for giving me the opportunity to be my own boss and freelance like I do.
((Signal boost much appreciated))

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