Oh god its HUGE. maybe it will actually last me a month, though.

Oh god its HUGE. maybe it will actually last me a month, though.

marlonbookcase asked:

Hi, I saw that you're a featured guest at Sherlock Seattle in January and I was just wondering if you'll also be selling your bunnies there? This will be my first ever con so I'm not really sure how it all works; as a featured guest, do you run discussion panels only, or do you also have a table in artist alley? If I were to pre-order a non-Sherlock bunny, would I be able to pick it up at Sherlock Seattle? Thanks so much! I'm so looking forward to Sherlock Seattle, it looks like a lot of fun!

Stitchy Answer:

Hi! I heard about you from Sarah ;) I will be running a table in the dealer’s room all weekend, and also sitting on a panel (or two?? Who knows- at which point someone will take charge for me for a few hours). You’re more than welcome to place an order for pick up, too! I’ll be bringing along plenty of Sherlock, but also Cabin Pressure, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Hobbit, Marvel, and more!

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This September Iā€™m holding a special sale on SELECT CHARACTERS in both regular 6ā€ and 3ā€ Bunnies! Also on September 22nd, Bilbo Baggins dolls will be available at HALF PRICE in honor of his birthday!
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